Weedy Sea Dragon Essay

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A relative of the seahorse, the weedy seadragon is an iconic Australian species.With their vibrant patterns and unique, dragon-shaped bodies, they are on many divers’ bucket lists.

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The user divides groups of spots from the torso into small units, calculating the position and size of the spots in comparison to others nearby.

This, again, resembles a fingerprint point-matching system.

Living conditions must be relatively calm, as these delicate-looking animals are not the strongest or fastest swimmers.

In Victoria, there’s a unique opportunity to see and photography weedies by the dozen.

The local dive shop, Diveline Australia, has started organizing regular weedy seadragon photo-competition days.

These events encourage divers to shoot a whole collection of photographs that can help identify these amazing animals.

At almost 1 foot (30 centimeters) long, they are particularly striking. Additionally, a unique spotted pattern covers each seadragon’s torso.

These spots function as the current method for identifying individuals.

Reproduction is also unique thanks to their egg-carrying methods.

When summer arrives, the female places the eggs on the underside of the male’s tail.


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