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(Remember that for round parts, multiply the diameter by 3.14) This should be very worthwhile for you if you get the job.For multipass welds like for pipe welding, figure in every pass. Add another 4 dollars for 4 tacks and you are up to 58. sounds a little low to me but Its a starting place. it really depends on a lot of different things like material type and fixturing.One of the biggest stumbling blocks for starting a welding business is how to price jobs. Something Like around 30 bucks even for a 5 minute job.

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Most of the ones I have seen would be a 10 minute fix.

Clamp rod in place, tig puddle with a bit of 309 ss rod, and spray with silver paint.

Its available at Northern Tool all for around $1600.

And its a great value and welds can see a Video here of the Iron Man 230 mig welding aluminum with a spool gun You will also need an air compressor, some grinders, hand tools and a metal workbench.

It’s an option when you complete your welding program and get some experience.

An estimated 7 percent of the welding workforce is self-employed.

That is the beautiful thing about working for small machine shops.

They buy the material and supply labor for machining. You only have to figure the labor and you don’t have to take on the risk of buying material and then have to wait to get paid.

Eventually you will have enough work where you will have to shut down work on a good paying job in order to do a small "walk in" type job.

You will be losing money to pull off of the high paying job to do a small job for someone unless you set the 30 dollar minimum. Most of that comes with experience but here are some tips; I like to take on jobs that are labor only.


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