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Although many instructors assign course grades in a seemingly random fashion, numerous studies have shown that the quality of a students work does in fact affect the final course grade.

In this paper, I present a detailed procedure for submitting successful (A-level) papers in the field of computer arithmetic.

If you present performance or speed-up comparisons for your ECE 254B research paper, then make sure to read: Give a brief summary (in a few sentences) of what has been presented and/or accomplished.

Emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the proposed approach, technique, or design.

Undoubtedly, this trend will create a competition for solving the same problem with more processors.

Weconclude that with the rapid advances of VLSI technology anything is possible and that the worth of a research paper is directly proportional to the number of processors in the system being proposed.

Some 75% of these students earned grades of A The rapid advances of VLSI and the trend toward the decrease of the geometrical feature size, through the submicron and the subnano to the subpico, and beyond, have dramatically reduced the cost of VLSI circuitry.

As a result, many traditionally unsolvable problems can now (or will in the near future) be easily implemented using VLSI technology.

Here are some helpful links to formatting recommendations for each style guide used at APUS: APA If you are working on a research project proposal or thesis, the End of Program Assessment Manual for Graduate Studies (EOP Manual) will guide you in formatting aspects of your paper that may not be specified in your style guide.

Give background on the topic (provide context and include references on prior work), justify your interest in the topic, prepare the readers for what they will find in later sections, and summarize (in a few sentences) your main findings and/or contributions. If it exceeds, say, 3 pages, you may wish to break it up by including an additional section that covers the necessary details for one or more of the above aspects. For very long sections, consider dividing up or moving some details to an appendix.


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