What Is Systematic Problem Solving

This is a simplistic way of looking at problems, some people get this but many don’t.They think it is just a management speak for learning to be happy solving problems.

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The best way to approach this with a problem solving team, is to NEVER accept any solution without the evidence and deductive reasoning that the root cause has been proven.

Most people are not in problem understanding mode when they are trying to fix something they are in what I call Troubleshooting mode, trying out solutions until they find one that seems to fit.

We should be teaching Problem Learning not, Problem Solving Problem Solving is a skill Problem Learning and Understanding is a more useful approach Systems Thinking is how people must think about problems Critical Thinking (Scientific Method) is what you want people to apply Over the last few years I have found myself time and time again working with organisations that just don’t get “Problem Solving” What I mean is they invest millions of pounds and dollars into understanding lean techniques and into problem solving methodologies, even more into six sigma programs and yet their problem solving capabilities is still relatively ineffective.

They still have many repeat problems and there is a continual tendency to want to “FIX” the problem, of course everyone wants to fix the problem, but what I mean is they want to instantly fix the problem to make it go away without the work to understand the problem.

It is discomfort for most people, a desire to get away from the problem, it is pain, and it distances you from what you think is the ideal situation that you want.

The problem with Problem Solving is exactly that, the statement of problem solving.

Problems will always happen when we don’t understand how a system works nor the variables that cause a process or procedure to fail.

Real problem solving happened when we focus our attention onto learning about the problem and how it works, so that we understand it to the point of truly discovering the root cause. I can honestly say that I love problem learning, I love the idea of problems and finding out how they work.

After that, if problems were accumulating faster than they were being cleared, they knew they had a methods or resource issue.

The same was true for their other tasks which were worked on during the rest of the day.


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