What To Say In Email When Sending Resume And Cover Letter

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This is a chance to show you’ve done your homework on the company, the position, and maybe even the hiring manager. It's a skill that can be learned (and aided with a cover letter template).Done right, a cover letter leaves a hiring manager wanting to read your resume. Cover letters can always follow the same format (we’ll get onto that soon) and include the same seven elements. Take a look at the company website or Linked In page to see if you can track down the name of the hiring manager.Don’t give a hiring manager reasons not to hire you by keeping your cover letters relevant and concise.

When it comes to cover letters, there’s a lot you shouldn’t do. Of course, it all depends on whether the reader notices and whether they care. When you’ve done that, have someone else read over it.

Imagine finding out that your application — the one you spent hours working on — was dismissed because of a few small spelling or grammar errors? Your cover letter should be easy to read in all formats.

Every job ad is posted in an effort to solve a problem.

Your cover letter should show that hiring you is the solution.

Your cover letter should be more forward-looking and focus on how you are equipped with the skills to excel at a specific role or company in the future.

A resume should be to the point, factual, and objective.

If they use a fun, humorous tone, a little bit of humor in your cover letter can work in your favor. A cover letter is no time to be vague in describing your achievements. Every sentence needs to be relevant to how you can help the company. Your cover letter and your resume are just the ice-breakers here.

If they’re more formal in the way they talk, follow suit. Someone that fits in seamlessly with their culture and ethos. Think about how a good salesperson closes deals — they adapt to the prospect’s personality and engage them in a way that resonates with how they talk and act. You’ll have an opportunity to expand your narrative in the interview.

Most people hear that cover letters aren’t read and save themselves a bit of work.

But what if the hiring manager you’re reaching out to is the 1 in 10? Understanding how to write a cover letter during your job search is well worth the investment. A cover letter is not an alternative to a resume, but a complement to it.


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