Why Am I Here In School Essay

Just look at the writing of most graduates, and you’ll see what I mean.

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Looking through the eyes of an educator, I can see why telling students what to write about would be useful. One of the biggest challenges of writing is figuring out is what writing is all about. It’s also a good idea to include some shorter paragraphs with only one or two sentences, using them to punctuate powerful ideas.

You have a bunch of students who couldn’t care less about your curriculum, and making them write a paper about the assigned readings is a great way to force them to read the material. Once upon a time, it was acceptable to write paragraphs long enough to fill multiple pages with big blocks of text. It’s not so much about having a “correct” length as using paragraphs to give your writing rhythm. Many excellent writers still hold that profanity has no place in professional publications, while others feel comfortable using curse words occasionally.

Ask an English teacher, and they’ll tell you good writing is grammatically correct.

They’ll tell you it makes a point and supports it with evidence.

Not surprisingly, that’s the way most of us were taught to write: long paragraphs, topic sentences neatly organized, lots of supporting evidence in between assertions. The rest of us sit around wondering whether it’s okay to express ourselves “that way” or not. Well, I think Stephen King says it best: “Make yourself a solemn promise right now that you’ll never use ‘emolument’ when you mean ‘tip’ and you’ll never say John stopped long enough to perform an act of excretion when you mean John stopped long enough to take a shit.

If you believe ‘take a shit’ would be considered offensive or inappropriate by your audience, feel free to say John stopped long enough to move his bowels (or perhaps John stopped long enough to ‘push’).I’m not trying to get you to talk dirty, only plain and direct.” ‘Nough said.Most kids I knew hated digging up sources and quoting them in their papers, but not me.I started tenth grade three years ago after my family moved to the United States from Mexico. I could not express myself with the people around me. Many people told me that graduating would be hard for me because I did not know the language and was just starting to learn English.I had to face the problems of not knowing the language or how the education system worked. Instead of being upset about this comment, it motivated me to study hard and to get good grades.What’s worse is that many teachers hold up the classics as examples of what good writing is, and they expect you to mimic those writers with your essays.Sure, Chaucer and Thomas More and Shakespeare were the stud muffins of their day, but you don’t see them on the ), but because people can’t connect with them.No, the sneaky little bugger that I was (and still am) realized that sources were an escape route from creativity.With enough quotations from other writers, I could fill up an entire paper without coming up with a single original thought of my own. From kindergarten to getting my degree in English Literature, I got an A on all but like five papers.But my question is: who are you going to spend more time writing for? Much of what comes out of high schools and universities fails this test, not because our students are incapable of saying anything interesting, but because a well-meaning but flawed academic system has taught them a lot of bad habits. It’s a sad state of affairs when the youngest writer on your reading list has been dead 100 years, but that’s the way it is in school.My guess: everyday people — your family and friends, your blog audience, your boss at work, maybe even a Letter to the Editor every now and again. I don’t know who exactly decides what’s worth reading and what’s not, but they (whoever “they” are) believe in reading the “classics,” and most of those classics are centuries old.


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