Why Are Chores Important Essay

Children who have regular assigned household chores feel a sense of self-worth and competency.

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Our decisions, choices and actions affect others around us.

When a child sets the table he / she not only learns how to create an aesthetically pleasing dining environment, but also that guests are to be honoured and appreciated.

Initially, when children are young the compensation for their efforts may be in the form of a warm hug, a word of praise or a public compliment.

Later, parents may link pocket money to the performance of household duties.

These children exhibit a higher level of self-confidence and see themselves as an integral part of their family.

Chores are a good way to teach responsibility to children.As she was growing up, she didn't have many chores.All that was expected of her was to do the dishes after dinner and keep her room clean (which she barely did).In conclusion, participating in household duties and chores is beneficial at myriad levels.Most important, it enables children and youngsters to understand the philosophical equation that to receive, we must also give.This arrangement allows youngsters to realize that by exchanging their free time for work, they can earn money to buy the things they like.In this way, young people develop a strong sense of the financial realities that await them.From this perspective, assigning household tasks to children is beneficial from a personal, social and economic point of view.Personally, children need to learn the value of responsibility.Whats more, such tasks teach them about being reliable, working efficiently and developing integrity.This early training strengthens their self-images and self-confidence.


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