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Paid online training provided at the beginning of each project. For more jobs like these, see our Daily Jobs & Gigs page.

People are assigned work based on their background and schedule. Many projects require essay scoring, the company says.

This will allow for less stress and more efficient work.

You will also not have to worry about working with distracting coworkers or those that do their work incorrectly, this leads you to be responsible for what you are assigned to and not what others have left for you.

In addition to being unethical, they very well may be work-at-home scams looking to rip off hard-working writers.

Position type: Test prep tutoring Using Skype tutors work with students in European, North American and Australian time zones. Position type: Scoring ETS hires constructed-response scoring professionals, who evaluate written short answers or essays, spoken responses, and portfolios, as part-time employees to read for The College Board's Advanced Placement Program (AP) testing programs and raters for the TOEIC, TOEFL, Praxis and GRE programs.The choice to work in your own house seems to be a very beneficial choice.In offices, you have to deal with bosses that hang over your head while you work.There will be no traveling to an office so there is no chance that you will ever be late or have to deal with any consequences arising from a tardy.Any fear of being fired for being late will be gone, furt ...Use "virtual" as the keyword in the job search database. Kaplan also has opportunities for college-level online faculty. Position type: Test prep tutoring This company offers tutors “live courses, online courses, and private tutoring students” and pays them 0 an hour for teaching.The focus of this company, which has locations nationwide in the U. as well as in Canada, England, and France, is on-site, but there are online jobs as well.– Paid Training – Non-Phone Job If you’re looking for a seasonal side gig, Measurement, Inc., a testing company founded in 1980, continues to take applications for part-time people to score student tests and essays online.Pay starts at .70/hr., with raises for experience and performance.Position type: Scoring and test development This company scores and develops The College Board’s SAT.Jobs include part-time test scorers, writers, and reviewers in language arts, math, science, and social studies.


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