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Without the extrapolation on the different classes and what contributes to different social strata, modern social stratification would be significantly different if not for Max Weber.Every society has always been a stratified society.It was Max Weber who believed that social class resulted from power, something which was a reflection on the ability of each individual to get what they want.

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If you are tasked with writing a reaction paper on social stratification, your first step is to select the most appropriate topic, one which has been narrowed down enough to fill the page requirements you have ahead of you. There are many topics out there from which to choose and which can make it difficult.

Thankfully, you can get a little break by reading the 20 topics on social stratification for a reaction paper listed below.

Karl Marx based his ideas on the fact that modern society was divided into two groups of people.

He divided people based on those who owns all means of production and those who work for production.

Today sociologists consider social class to be the grouping together of individuals or groups of people who have similar levels of power, wealth, and prestige.

It was the contribution of Max Weber to expound upon the ideas presented by Karl Marx which led to the modern understanding of social stratification and the manner in which Western societies divide individuals socially into different strata.For example, while in some societies, like the Indian society, the basis of stratification has been caste, in most of the Western societies it has been class.Different systems of social stratification characterise different societies.Max Weber argued that property can bring individuals prestige given the fact that people tend to hold rich people in a higher regard.But this can also come from another source such as an intellectual ability which far surpasses counterparts or athletic ability which is outstanding.In all societies, social relations are definitely and very largely influenced, rather determined by the nature of social stratification.That is why every study of social relations essential demands a study of social stratification.For centuries social stratification has been analyzed by sociologists in terms of the causes and the effects it has on society.Karl Marx and Max Weber disagreed implicitly about the nature of class, something which applied to the traditional framework of stratification.According to this theory the capitalist societies, particularly those who owned all means of production exploded those who had to work.They did not pay a livable wage nor did they give workers an affordable place to live.


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