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People who having problems with their weight can practice dancing as dancing can burn more calories and increase the circulation of blood.

Dancing can burn 5 to 10 calories per minutes as estimated.

By dance, you can stretch your body part and with dance, you can get the body shape that you always wanted and dancing also can reduce stress.

With dancing, you can built up you stamina and also endurance, because dancing consists of many style of movements that for sure will build up your stamina.

Dance is another form of exercising which require you to use most of your body muscle. Dancing is a part of ancient ritual and is pair with music.

People dancing with music, without music dancing is not complete.

Because dancing is play with music, therefore people who dancing will having fun and at the same time can perform an exercise.

When we perform dance, we doest not require any equipments as there is no suitable exercise machine for dancing. With dancing, you can perfume it anywhere you want especially at home.

Dancing can enhance heart and lungs condition, increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness.

People with weigh problem will see the different in their weight after awhile of practicing dancing, agility and flexibility will be increased.


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