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This course has touched on skills that have been previously focused on while also introducing new concepts for me to consider as a reader and writer.Some of the skills include, approaching writing as a process in composing formal and informal pieces, reading a range of texts critically and controlling tone, style and voice of my writing....[tags: Writing, Essay, Writing process, Journalism] - The first writing piece i choose from my portfolio was visual analysis.

Through therapy I have been able to continue to live life to the fullest extent, but will never forget the fear and torment I went through.I have learned that faith and prayer are essential in my life.The many great influences in my life have enabled me to become a confident, determined person and to set goals. I do not regret any of the events that have happened, but wish I had been more determined to finish my education earlier in life.I'll return your folder to your next term's lit professor or you can pick it up from me: I'll be teaching a colloquium in Winter '18.Keep a copy of your essay in order to prepare yourself for Winter term.This stems from the mindset of the founding fathers, who valued independence and freedom from Britain.America’s initial break from Britain also spawned many other American values, including individualism, equality (as result of Britain’s unequal taxation of Americans), the value of privacy, and abundant patriotism” Best representation of syntax, from Lambert W Function v2 writing: “The program wou...[tags: Personal Reflection] - Introduction: Welcome to my Composition 105 Portfolio.Comp.105 has built upon many skills that are imperative to being the best writer, reader and student possible.The purpose behind the reflective essay (maximum length 500 words, or two typed double-spaced pages) is for you to reflect on your written work for this term: to assess (honestly) your strengths and weaknesses, to pinpoint challenges that you wish to tackle next term.This essay will not be graded; only its completing "counts." But what REALLY counts is your honesty with yourself.


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