Writing Logically Thinking Critically 6th Edition

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You will define a situation that calls for some response in writing by asking critical questions.

For example, is the Confederate flag a symbol of honor and respect for the heritage of white people in the South?

Finding Evidence Considering the Rhetorical Situation Cultural Contexts for Argument Using Data and Evidence from Research Sources SEARCHING ONLINE OR IN DATABASES Collecting Data on Your Own 19.

Evaluating Sources Assessing Print Sources Assessing Electronic Sources Assessing Field Research 20.

This best-selling brief text shows students how to analyze all kinds of argument — not just essays and editorials, but clothes, cars, ads, and even website designs — and then how to use what they learn to write effective arguments. Lunsford is professor of English at Stanford University and also teaches at the Bread Loaf School of English. Martin's Handbook, Seventh Edition, The Presence of Others, Fifth Edition, and The Everyday Writer, Fifth Edition, as well as the Sixth Edition of both Everything’s an Argument books. Ruszkiewicz is a professor at the University of Texas at Austin where he has taught literature, rhetoric, and writing for more than thirty years.

A past chair of CCCC, she has won the major publication awards in both the CCCC and MLA. A winner of the President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award, he was instrumental in creating the Department of Rhetoric and Writing in 1993 and directed the unit from 2001-05.Using Sources Practicing Infotention Building a Critical Mass Synthesizing Information 21.Plagiarism and Academic Integrity Giving Credit Getting Permission for and Using Copyrighted Internet Sources Acknowledging Your Sources Accurately and Appropriately Acknowledging Collaboration 22.Causal Arguments Understanding Causal Arguments Characterizing Causal Arguments Developing Causal Arguments GUIDE TO WRITING A CAUSAL ARGUMENT Projects Two Sample Causal Arguments *Raven Jiang, Dota 2: The Face of Professional Gaming (student essay) John Tierney, Can a Playground Be Too Safe? Proposals Understanding and Categorizing Proposals Characterizing Proposals Developing Proposals GUIDE TO WRITING A PROPOSAL Projects Two Sample Proposals Manasi Deshpande, A Call to Improve Campus Accessibility (student essay) *Virginia Postrel, Let’s Charge Politicians for Wasting Our Time Part 3: Style and Presentation in Arguments 13.Style in Arguments Style and Word Choice Sentence Structure and Argument Punctuation and Argument Special Effects: Figurative Language CULTURAL CONTEXTS FOR ARGUMENT 14.Arguments Based on Facts and Reason: Logos Thinking Critically About Hard Evidence Using Reason and Common Sense CULTURAL CONTEXTS FOR ARGUMENT Providing Logical Structures for Argument 5.Fallacies of Argument Fallacies of Emotional Argument Fallacies of Ethical Argument Fallacies of Logical Argument 6.Rhetorical Analysis Composing a Rhetorical Analysis Understanding the Purpose of Arguments You Are Analyzing Understanding Who Makes an Argument Identifying and Appealing to Audiences Examining Arguments Based on Emotion: Pathos Examining Arguments Based on Character: Ethos Examining Arguments Based on Facts and Reason: Logos Examining the Arrangement and Media of Arguments Looking at Style Examining a Rhetorical Analysis David Brooks, It’s Not about You Rachel Kolb, Understanding Brooks’s Binaries (student essay) GUIDE TO WRITING A RHETORICAL ANALYSIS Part 2: Writing Arguments 7.Structuring Arguments The Classical Oration Rogerian and Invitational Arguments Toulmin Argument Deborah Tannen, Why Is Compromise Now a Dirty Word? Arguments of Fact Understanding Arguments of Fact Characterizing Factual Arguments Developing a Factual Argument GUIDE TO WRITING AN ARGUMENT OF FACT Projects Two Sample Factual Arguments Taylor Pearson, Why You Should Fear Your Toaster More Than Nuclear Power (student essay) *Neil Irwin, What the Numbers Show about NFL Player Arrests 9.Parents who refuse to vaccinate their children tend to be narcissistic people of privilege who believe their sources of information are superior to “the mainstream media”; who are looking for simple explanations that might protect their children from autism; who are confusing correlation with causality; and who are benefiting from the very vaccinations they refuse to give their children. In fact, smokers and fat people, by dying young, save us money.”Does my thinking show imaginative open-mindedness and intellectual curiosity?Or do I exist in a circular, self-feeding, insular brain loop resulting in solipsism?


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