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more Leadership is often confused with management, and not only that, it is also a concept which is not defined very easy.

Qualitative analytic strategies were applied to each question.

Findings: A total of 283 primary health care providers from 14 health professions working in interprofessional primary health care teams participated.

Background: Despite the surge of interprofessional primary health care models implemented across Canada, there is little evidence as to whether or not the intended outcomes of primary health care teams have been achieved.

Part of the challenge is determining the most appropriate measures that can demonstrate the value of collaborative care.

Methods: A qualitative study; part of a larger mixed methods developmental evaluation to examine performance measurement in interprofessional primary health care teams.

A stakeholder workshop was conducted at an annual association meeting of interprofessional primary health care teams in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Please bring these along with you to the course, as hard copies if possible.

This article focuses on the practice of gaining visibility of Southern European grassroots organisations.

I found that my participants expressed discomfort with narratives of womanhood associated with menarche, had trouble navigating binary spaces where menstruation was salient like restrooms and sex education classes, and were able to express ambivalent and positive attitudes towards menstruation.

I discuss the implications of these findings for understanding how societal narratives and structures shape individuals’ gendered identities and how trans people specifically experience this.


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